the svelte selection – tracks to who knows where…


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It feels as if the end is nigh, but there’s some light in the darkness. From tomorrow there’s the Organ Reframed series at the Union Chapel with Low and a bunch of this month’s artists plus Sam Amidon’s going to be there later in the month.

I also discovered that I’d missed an EP from the incomparable My Brightest Diamond and delighted in a couple of new records.

I do sound half dead on the show, and that’s cos that’s how I’m feeling right now. I’ll get better.




  1. Austin Ato – Song For Mr. Lewis from Song For Mr. Lewis EP
  2. Four Tet – Planet from Planet
  3. Bicep – Opal from Bicep
  4. My Brightest Diamond – Ceci Est Ma Main (Groundlift Remix) from I Had Grown Wild
  5. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – I Will Make Room for You from The Kid
  6. Emily Hall – Ode to Nature from Folie à Deux
  7. James McVinnie – Beaming Music from Cycles
  8. Low – Congregation from Ones and Sixes
  9. Sam Amidon – You Better Mind from I See The Sign
  10. Floating Points – Lucerne Valley from Reflections – Mojave Desert

the svelte selection – falling down


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showAfter another ridiculously long hiatus, I’m back with more new tunes for your open ears.

Got three months of new records to get through, plus there’s a couple from the #sveltevaults to entice and delight.

To listen to the whole show with me speaking and the like, listen via mixcloud right here or scroll down a bit for the Spotify playlist.




  1. Wrongtom, The Ragga Twins – CND/Spy Thriller from In Time
  2. Diet Cig – Blob Zombie from Swear I’m Good At This
  3. Japanese Breakfast – Soft Sounds from Another Planet from Soft Sounds from Another Planet
  4. Jlin – Kyanite from Black Origami
  5. Shackleton & Vengeance Tenfold – The Prophet Sequence from Sferic Ghost Transmits
  6. Nathan Fake – REMAIN (Olga Wojciechowska Rework) from Providence Reworks: Part II
  7. GAS – Narkopop 3 from Narkopop
  8. Grouper – Children from Children
  9. Cornelius – Dear Future Person from Mellow Waves
  10. Forest Swords – The Highest Flood from Compassion
  11. Zomby – ZKITTLEZ from GASP!
  12. Total Leatherette – Work Harder from For The Climax Of The Night
  13. Soft Cell – Seedy Films from Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret
  14. Andrew Hung – Animal from Realisationship
  15. The Magnetic Fields – ’84: Danceteria! from 50 Song Memoir
  16. Future Bible Heroes – A Drink Is Just the Thing from Partygoing
  17. Blue Lab Beats – Freedom (feat. Louis VI) Explicit from Freedom
  18. San Francisco Symphony – Three Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 6 (1929 revision): II. Reigen from Berg Three Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 6 (1929 revision)
  19. Leo Chadburn – Steganography from Epigram / Microgram
  20. Aisha Orazbayeva – 12 Fantasias for Violin without Bass, No. 3 in F Minor, TWV 40:16 (Arr. by Aisha Orazbayeva) Arr. by Aisha Orazbayeva from Telemann Fantasias
  21. Elodie Lauten – Cat Counterpoint from The Wire Tapper 22
  22. Björk – the gate from the gate
  23. Karen Gwyer – Why Is There a Long Line in Front of the Factory? from Rembo
  24. LCD Soundsystem – Other Voices from American Dream
  25. Itch-E & Scratch-E – Sweetness and Light from Itch-E Kitch-E Koo

the svelte selection – warm tidings


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tss170622Oh my loves, another couple of rollercoaster months, what the dear fuck is going on?

I’ve been off air for a couple of months, so there’s lots to catch up, and this month’s show moves from dreamy, ethereal through quiet and strange to punky and upfront to proper bangin’.

So dive in. You can always skip the ones you don’t like. Do think about buying the ones you do.

More info about stuff I talked about on the show:

You can find Quinta’s website here. Soon it will feature the new record…

After 10 years, samandtheplants is back.

Xenia Rubinos played back in April. Sorry. But look out for her next tour, yeah?

And so to the show!



  1. Quinta – An Elf Rising from The Quick of the Heart
  2. Jane Weaver – Ravenspoint from Modern Kosmology
  3. Colin Stetson – Spindrift from All This I Do For Glory
  4. Little Dragon – High from Season High
  5. Robot Riddims – RoboRockers (Original Mix) from Rude Mechanicals
  6. Young Fathers featuring Leith Congregational Choir – Only God Knows
  7. Xenia Rubinos – Right? from Black Terry Cat
  8. Maarja Nuut – Kiik Tahab Kindaid (feat. Patrick Mcginley) from Une Meeles
  9. Samandtheplants – Flaming Liar *preview from Flaming Liar
  10. Lung Dart – Cold Tea Syndrome from Some Other Hunger
  11. Martin Creed – Blow And Suck
  12. Cate Le Bon – Wonderful from Crab Day
  13. Tudor Acid – Ballad Of Bandit Racoon from Forga
  14. Moire – Magma Dream from No Future
  15. Nathan Fake featuring Prurient – DEGREELESSNESS from Providence
  16. Kelly Lee Owens – CBM from Kelly Lee Owens
  17. Lawrence – Marble Star from Yoyogi Park
  18. Move D – Roll Split from Roll Split / 460 Melrose Ave
  19. Robert Hood – I Am from Paradygm Shift
  20. LCD Soundsystem – Pow Pow from This Is Happening


the svelte selection – at least there’s a decent soundtrack…


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Jesus. It just keeps coming, the shit, doesn’t it? I’ve had to take to muting a couple of key words on the twitterz and facebookz to stop myself falling (even more deeply) into a pit of despair.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, sometimes you just have to shove one’s head into a bassbin and lose oneself for a while, and I’m here to help you with that. This month’s show starts with Top Pop Princes Kylie Minogue in tribute to my Evening Album Club show featuring her eponymous 1994 album (you can download that show from here if you like).

Then there’s lots of lush electronic biz, a bunch of tracks from the Magnetic Fields opus 50 Song Memoir (a bargain even at its ludicrous price), some excellent techno, and a bunch of classical music. Don’t say you’re not spoiled.

Here’s the stream:

And here‘s the Spotify playlist.


  1. Kylie Minogue – Confide In Me from Kylie Minogue
  2. Kelly Lee Owens – Lucid from Kelly Lee Owens
  3. Tim Burgess and Peter Gordon – Being Unguarded from Same Language, Different Worlds
  4. Confidence Man  (Andrew Weatherall remix) – Bubblegum from Bubblegum (single)
  5. anarchistwood – Fear is the Mindkiller from Sine On Mr Lovely
  6. The Magnetic Fields – ’70: They’re Killing Children Over There from 50 Song Memoir
  7. The Magnetic Fields – ’83: Foxx and I from 50 Song Memoir
  8. The Magnetic Fields – ’01: Have You Seen It in the Snow? from 50 Song Memoir
  9. The Magnetic Fields – ’12: You Can Never Go Back to New York from 50 Song Memoir
  10. Nico Muhly & Valgeir Sigurðsson – Scent Opera from Scent Opera
  11. Balam Acab – Look from Club Water Discus EP
  12. Ibibio Sound Machine – The Pot Is On Fire from Uyai
  13. Blanck Mass – Silent Treatment from World Eater
  14. Marie Davidson – Planet Ego from Adieux Au Dancefloor
  15. Slam – Alien Radio (Darren Emerson Mix) from Alien Radio (Remixed)
  16. Autechre – rale from Quaristice
  17. sir Was – Heaven Is Here from Digging A Tunnel
  18. Visible Cloaks feat. Matt Carlson – Neume from Reassemblage
  19. Belgian Radio and Television Philharmonic Orchestra – Allegro molto from Bartok: Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta, Sz. 106
  20. Kiri Te Kanawa; Georg Solti: Chicago Symphony Orchestra – 4. Sehr Behaglich from Mahler: Symphony #4

the svelte selection -To March 2017


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tss170302I’ve put a pun in the title. So kill me.

So much marching, so much protesting to do, thank heck we’ve got music and dancing and love and stuff, heh?

Been feeling the full roller coaster of emotions over the last couple of weeks with heartbreak, an almost overwhelming display of love and stirrings of new adventures to come. I’ve also gone from despair to hope and back again. A million times.

And so to this month’s show – we’re just into March and we’ve got a crop of great records already. Could we be in for another bumper year for music? I haz my fingers crossed.

And here’s the standard Spotify playlist.


  1. French For Cartridge – Counting Games from The Golden Hour
  2. Rose Elinor Dougall – Hell And Back from Stellular
  3. Tornado Wallace – Warp Odyssey from Lonely Planet
  4. RM Hubbert – The Bird (Kathryn Joseph) from Recovery EP1
  5. Meilyr Jones – Passionate Friend from 2013
  6. The Divine Comedy – Our Mutual Friend from Absent Friends
  7. anarchistwoodAnswer to War from The Nasty Album
  8. The Jam – Beat Surrender from Beat Surrender
  9. Tinariwen – Nizzagh Ijbal from Elwan
  10. 3 Winans Brothers feat Karen Clark Sheard – I Choose You (Louie Vega Chosen dub) from
  11. Dinamite – Enterprise from Excelsior
  12. Prince – Controversy from Controversy
  13. Moon Duo – Cold Fear from Occult Architecture Vol. 1
  14. Pye Corner Audio – She Hunts at Night (Clesse remix) from Half-Light
  15. Belbury Poly and Moon Wiring Club – Moonling from Other Voices 09
  16. Earthen Sea – Apparent Lushness from An Act of Love
  17. Thomas William Hill – Cirrostratus from Cirrostratus
  18. Visible Cloaks – Place from Reassemblage
  19. Nicholas Britell – Chiron’s Theme Chopped & Screwed (Knock Down Stay Down) from Moonlight (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  20. The Necks – Overhear from Unfold

the svelte selection – everything’s FINE


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tss170202Of course it is, nothing to see here. It’s fine. It’s really, really fine.

But just in case you’re not sure that it is, here’s some music for you.

It’s starts with some old favourites, goes a little contemporary classic and then moody and downtempo for the most part with a big dark finale.
Well, I like it.

A couple of gigs I recommended:

And so to the show. You can stream it here:

Listen via Spotify here.

Or, as always, subscribe to the sveltecast to get it direct!

  1. CAN – Vitamin C from Ege Bamyasi
  2. Sex Swing – Karnak from Sex Swing
  3. George Michael – Outside from Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael
  4. Stockard Channing – There Are Worse Things I Could Do from Grease
  5. Digitonal – 93 Years On (Live)
  6. Boxcutter – Canopy from Canopy
  7. Juliet Fraser – Wiegold: Les Roses: You can’t touch me from Peter Wiegold: Earth & Stars
  8. Heather Roche – Einbond: Resistance from Ptelea
  9. Grouper – Headache from Paradise Valley
  10. Scanner+Yui Onodera –  Locus Solus from Pop Ambient 2017
  11. Roly Porter – Departure Stage from Third Law
  12. Adele Anthony – Akhnaten: Prelude from GLASS, P: Violin Concerto / Company / Prelude from Akhnaten
  13. Oren Ambarchi – Sleepwalker’s Conviction, Pt. 1 from Sleepwalker’s Conviction

the svelte selection – more goodies from 2016


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tss170105New year, new exciting possibilities, new tunes. Well, not SUPER new, I’m yet to get anything in 2017, but still pretty freshly baked.

The show starts soft, but there’s all sorts of interesting biz to help you through the current political storm. Think of it as a form of self care.



Listen to the show here:

Listen to the tunes over on Spotify


Or subscribe to the sveltecast!

  1. Christian Fennesz & Jim O’Rourke – I Just Want You to Stay from It’s Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry
  2. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Crystallise from Familia
  3. Bat For Lashes – Land’s End from The Bride
  4. Keenya – Restless Books from Moment Invisible
  5. Andrew Weatherall – Ghosts Again from Convenanza
  6. Sanford Parker – PSYCHIC DRIVING from Lash Back
  7. Lung Dart – Wrung Out from As I Lay Drying
  8. Oren Ambarchi – Hubris, Pt. 2 from Hubris
  9. Equiknoxx – Porridge Should Be Brown Not Green from Bird Sound Power
  10. The Comet Is Coming – Space Carnival from Channel the Spirits
  11. Beyond The Wizards Sleeve – Black Crow from The Soft Bounce
  12. Roisin Murphy – Romantic Comedy from Take Her Up To Monto
  13. Radiohead – Identikit from A Moon Shaped Pool
  14. Bon Iver – 715 – CR∑∑KS from 22, A Million
  15. Andrew Hung – Gulp! from The Greasy Strangler Soundtrack
  16. Jessy Lanza – Never Enough from Oh No
  17. School of Seven Bells – Music Takes Me from SVIIB
  18. Peaches – Pickles (Lauren Flax ‘Acid’ Remix) from Rub Remixed
  19. Evvol – The Beat Within from Physical L.U.V
  20. Aphex Twin – CIRKLON3 [ Kolkhoznaya mix ] from Cheetah EP
  21. Peder Mannerfelt – I Love You from Controlling Body
  22. B(if)tek – Electroencephalagram from 2020
  23. Delia Derbyshire and Elsa Stansfield – Circle of Light, Pt. 2 from Circle of Light

the svelte favourites of 2016


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2016faveJesus frickin’ Christ, what a year. And not in the way you’d expect. Yes, it’s been a very very shitty year for progressive politics but it’s been an incredibly great year for music. And I know I’ve only listened to a fraction of the good stuff that’s out there.

I managed to whittle it down to 32 of my favourites from the year, but it could have easily been 40 or more, check the honourable mentions below.

Rather than the old Purple Radio mix server, I’m now uploading my shows to Mixcloud. Look I can embed it!

If you’d like to listen via Spotify, I have handily embedded it here. Spotify is an easy way to get access to the full albums though, of course, I recommend you go out there and put your money down directly.


  1. OySpace Diaspora from Space Diaspora
  2. LoscilAnthropocene from Monument Builders
  3. David BowieGirl Loves Me from Blackstar
  4. Xenia RubinosBlack Stars from Black Terry Cat
  5. Beyoncé feat. Jack White Don’t Hurt Yourself from Lemonade
  6. SavagesSad Person from Adore Life
  7. Anna MeredithShill from Varmints
  8. PlaidBaby Step Giant Step from The Digging Remedy
  9. Factory FloorDial Me In from 25 25
  10. AudionThere Was A Button from Alpha
  11. SurgeonEGS-zs8-1 from From Farthest Known Objects
  12. Pet Shop BoysBurn from Super
  13. Tudor AcidNever Let Me Go from Crossing
  14. Black Peaches Suivez-Moi from Get Down You Dirty Rascals
  15. TortoiseShake Hands With Danger from The Catastrophist
  16. Beth OrtonPetals from Kidsticks
  17. Jameszoo featuring Steve Kuhn – The Zoo from Fool
  18. Exploded ViewNo More Parties in the Attic from Exploded View
  19. Julianna Barwick Heading Home from Will
  20. Laura CannellA New Theory of Eclipse from Simultaneous Flight Movement
  21. Oliver CoatesThe Irish Book of Death & Flying Ships from Upstepping
  22. IchiWakka P from Maru
  23. MogwaiPripyat from Atomic
  25. Klara LewisElse from Too
  26. Jenny HvalThe Great Undressing from Blood Bitch
  27. Meilyr JonesRefugees from 2013
  28. Agnes ObelStone from Citizen Of Glass
  29. Modern Studies Black Street from Swell to Great
  30. TindersticksWere We Once Lovers? from The Waiting Room
  31. Mavis StaplesAction from Livin’ On A High Note
  32. Martin Creed It’s You from Thoughts Lined Up (see below!)
  33. Low  Silent Night from Christmas

Honourable Mentions:

  • School of Seven Bells – SVIIB
  • Bat for Lashes – The Bride
  • Roisin Murphy – Take Her Up To Monto
  • Jessy Lanza – Oh No
  • Bon Iver – 22, A Million
  • Keenya – Moment Invisible
  • Aphex Twin – Cheetah EP
  • Ocoeur – Reversed
  • Andrew Weatherall – Convenanza
  • Oren Ambarchi – Hubris
  • Andrew Hung – The Greasy Strangler Soundtrack
  • Radiohead – A Moon-Shaped Pool
  • Lung Dart – As I Lay Drying

And finally, a bit of Christmas not-quite-what-it-seemsness from the always amazing Martin Creed.

the svelte selection – back in 10


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Sorry it took so long to get back to you, my loves. The Brexit vote broke my heart and then Summer got in the way. I apologise profusely.

Still, my extended hiatus means I have loads of new music for you this month, and plenty more to come next month! In’t that excellent.

To stream or download the show, please click over to the Purple Radio mix warehouse.

Or you can have a go at the Spotify playlist.

  1. Oy – Made of Love from Space Diaspora
  2. Xenia Rubinos – See Them from Black Terry Cat
  3. Roisin Murphy – Pretty Gardens from Take Her Up To Monto
  4. BADBADNOTGOOD featuring Colin Stetson – Confessions Pt II from IV
  5. Jenny Hval – Secret Touch from Blood Bitch
  6. Modern Studies – Everybody’s Saying from Swell to Great
  7. Lung Dart – One Day You Just Stop from As I Lay Drying
  8. Oliver Coates – Rise & Fall from Upstepping
  9. Exploded View – Orlando from Exploded View
  10. The Moonlandingz – Sweet Saturn Mine from The Moonlandingz
  11. The Dovers – Third Eye
  12. Ichi – Foorai from Maru
  13. Julianna Barwick – Heading Home from Will
  14. Meilyr Jones – How To Recognise A Work of Art from 2013
  15. Klara Lewis – Twist from Too
  16. Factory Floor – Relay from 25 25
  17. Audion – Traanc from Alpha
  18. AK/DK – Electricity from The Singing Bridge
  19. Martin Creed – Let’s Come to An Arrangement from Thoughts Lined Up
  20. The Pixies – Um Chagga Lagga
  21. Lily – Running from Odd Hours
  22. Cactus Agony – Zambian Flag (feat. Roberto) from Chasing the Wind
  23. Tay Grin – Sugar Mami ft Sonye & Roberto
  24. Freshlyground – The Message from Take Me to the Dance
  25. Moto Buu – Ngati Sundikonda from Chiwoko Rock
  26. Gasper Nali – Abale Ndikuwuzeni from Abale Ndikuwuzeni
  27. Low – Untitled 3 from The Exit Papers

the svelte selection- Referendum relief


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WTF is with 2016? I mean seriously. Just fucking stop. Please?

Whilst I was broadcasting this evening, the EU referendum was foremost in my mind, I just can’t fathom that it’s VERY possible that the UK will have voted to leave the EU today. Of course, by the time you read this, you know what’s happened, as I type, I’m fucking petrified.

Aaaaanyway twas a short show this evening, but so very much full of goodness. Tracklisting is below. You can download or stream or check out the Spotify playlist.



  1. The Divine Comedy – Sweden from Fin De Siècle
  2. The Little Hands Of Asphalt – Oslo from Leap Years
  3. Circle Traps – Fjord  
  4. Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band – Bergen from Your New Best Friends
  5. ABBA – Lay All Your Love On Me from Gold
  6. Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir – These Candles We Burn from Something to Sing About
  7. Concrete Blonde – Tomorrow, Wendy from Bloodletting
  8. RM Hubbert feat. Kathryn Williams – I Can Hold You Back from I Can Hold You Back
  9. Goat – I Sing In Silence from I Sing in Silence
  10. Beth Orton – Petals from Kidsticks
  11. Tudor Acid – Uncertain Endings from Crossing



the svelte selection – Come what May

2016-05-22 12.42.28It’s time for a new svelte selection, full to brimming with music so fucking brilliant, you’ll be amazed it really exists. But it does. And I’ve put it all together just for you.


So, here’s the radio show, you can download or stream it from here or check out the Spotify playlist.

  1. Mogwai – Weak Force from Atomic
  2. Jessy Lanza – Begins from Oh No
  3. Ocoeur – Souffle from Reversed
  4. Oliver Coates – Stash from Upstepping
  5. Jameszoo – Meat from Fool
  6. ANOHNI – Crisis from HOPELESSNESS
  7. Hauschka – Who Lived Here? from Abandoned City
  8. Alexis Taylor – Just For A Little While from Piano
  9. Radiohead – Glass Eyes from A Moon Shaped Pool
  10. Christa Vi – Loveblind (Fybe:One Remix) from Loveblind EP
  11. Beth Orton – Moon from Kidsticks
  12. Oy – A New Planet Is Born (single)
  13. Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin – Modul 42 – Wien from Live
  14. Prince – I Wanna Be Your Lover from Prince
  15. Prince – Gett Off from Diamonds and Pearls
  16. Prince – Baltimore from HITnRUN  Phase Two
  17. Rattle – Starting from RATTLE EP
  18. Hooded Fang – Miscast from Venus on Edge
  19. Erasure – S.O.S. (Chris And Cosey / Perimeter Mix) from Abba-Esque the Remixes
  20. Coil – Amber Rain from Backwards
  21. Brian Eno – Fickle Sun (i) from The Ship

the svelte selection – 303


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This month’s show has lots of beats and not so many songs.

You can listen to a bunch (but not all of the stuff via Spotify.


Download or stream the whole show over here:

  1. Jose Gonzalez – This Is How We Walk On The Moon from Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell
  2. Tindersticks – We Are Dreamers! from The Waiting Room
  3. Joe Jackson – Satellite from Fast Forward
  4. Janis Joplin – Road Block from Monterey International Pop Festival
  5. Tortoise – Tesseract from The Catastrophist
  6. Meilyr Jones – Return To Life from 2013
  7. School of Seven Bells – Music Takes Me from SVIIB
  8. Oliver Coates – The Clouds Flew Round with the Clouds (Bryce Hackford Remix) from Another Fantasy
  9. Klavikon – Croix from Klavikon
  10. Plug – Delicious from Drum ‘n’ Bass For Papa
  11. Surgeon – z8_GND_5296 from From Farthest Known Objects
  12. Peggy Gou – Day Without Yesterday from Day Without Yesterday / Six O Six
  13. Cavern of Anti-Matter – pantechnicon from void beats/invocation trex
  14. Pet Shop Boys – Inner Sanctum from Super
  15. Ulrika Spacek – Strawberry Glue from The Album Paranoia
  16. Nils Frahm – Nue from Wintermusik
  17. Aisha Orazbayeva, Tim Etchells – The Answer to Your Question from Seeping Through

the svelte favourites of 2015


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2016-01-07 20.51.23

It’s that time of the year again, a couple of hours over which I play tunes from some of my favourite records of the year. I usually reminisce a bit as well, but this year there was too much goddamn music to play so you miss my glorious stories. Poor you.

So here it is, merry new year, people. Go and buy the records if you can.

Download or stream

Spotify playlist (a little incomplete)

Or, to get all my radio shows via podcast, pop over here.

  1. Grimm Grimm – Kazega Fuitara Sayonara from Hazy Eyes Maybe
  2. King Midas Sound / Fennesz – Lighthouse from Edition 1
  3. Digitonal – Wintering from Beautiful Broken
  4. Surface Tension – Surface Tension (single) from Surface Tension
  5. Jenny Hval – Angels and Anaemia from Apocalypse, girl
  6. The Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Choir – A Bridge Over You
  7. Low – No Comprende from Ones and Sixes
  8. Young Fathers – Liberated from White Men Are Black Men Too
  9. Toya Delazy – Why Hate from Ascension
  10. Peaches – I Mean Something (feat. Feist) from Rub
  11. Ghostpoet – The Pleasure In Pleather from Shedding Skin
  12. Django Django – Shot Down from Born Under Saturn
  13. Errors – Putman Caraibe from Lease Of Life
  14. Gwenno – Amser from Y Dydd Olaf
  15. Jib Kidder – World Of Machines from Teaspoon To The Ocean
  16. Polar Bear – The First Steps from Same as You
  17. Oneohtrix Point Never – Ezra from Garden of Delete
  18. Jane Weaver – Argent (Tom Furse Extrapolation) from The Amber Light
  19. SEXWITCH – Lam Plearn Kiew Bao from SEXWITCH
  20. Roots Manuva – Fighting For? from Bleeds
  21. Wax Stag – Caverns from II
  22. Romare – The Drifter from Projections
  23. Tudor Acid – Stics from Chronial
  24. Andrew Hung – Korea Town from Rave Cave 1
  25. Blanck Mass – Atrophies from Dumb Flesh
  26. Hot Chip – Cry For You from Why Make Sense?



the svelte selection – downtempo December


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2015-11-28 15.11.18Well, it’s not all downtempo, but there’s a good amount of electronica on the more chilled side this month (before we go super filth with the glorious Peaches towards the end!)

Click play below to stream the show or download it from here.

You can also subscribe to the podcast!


Here’s the tracklisting:

  1. Andrew Dobson – The Fisherman’s Carol
    (available from Soundcloud)
  2. Jens-uwe Beyer – The Bremen from Pop Ambient 2016
  3. Floating Points – Silhouettes (I, II & III) from Elaenia
  4. Banzai Republic – In My Home from Where The Fun Starts Early In The Day
  5. Autechre – Altibzz from Quaristice
  6. Autechre – Pro Radii from Untilted
  7. New Order – Nothing But a Fool from Music Complete
  8. Andrew Hung – Star Ferry Dub from Rave Cave 2
  9. Errors – Dull Care from Lease Of Life
  10. Oneohtrix Point Never – I Bite Through It from Garden of Delete
  11. Okwonga – Misfit from The Nomadic
  12. Ghostpoet feat. Etta Bond – Yes, I Helped You Pack from Shedding Skin
  13. Ty – The Tale from Well Deep: Ten Years Of Big Dada
  14. Peaches – AA XXX from The Teaches Of Peaches
  15. Peaches – Talk to Me from I Feel Cream
  16. Peaches – Rub from Rub
  17. The Necks – Vertigo from Vertigo
  18. Sesame Street – Medley: Deck The Halls / Jingle Bells / White Christmas / Winter Wonderland from A Sesame Street Christmas

the svelte selection – Malawi, Lake of Stars and the joy of new adventures


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Lake of Stars done, we de-rigged then watched the sun rise over Lake Malawi

Lake of Stars done, we de-rigged, I DJed and we watched the sun rise

I’m so sorry it’s been so long since an update! What have I been doing with my life? I’VE BEEN TO AFRICA AND STUFF. So there.

Yes, it’s true, I was offered a chance of working on the Lake of Stars festival, held on the shores of Lake Malawi, and I jumped at it.

This month’s show features many artists who appeared on the Main Stage at Lake of Stars, in addition to a bunch of new records.

You can stream or download the show from over on the Purple Radio server.

  1. Hot Chip – Started Right from Why Make Sense?
  2. Joe Jackson – The Blue Time from Fast Forward
  3. Low – The Innocents from Ones and Sixes
  4. Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld – Never Were the Way She Was from Never Were the Way She Was
  5. The Hummingbird – Born from All It Ever Was
  6. King Midas Sound / Fennesz – Loving or Leaving from Edition 1
  7. Lily Banda – Forgotten Love Song
  8. Mokoomba – Njoka from Rising Tide
  9. George Kalukusha – Good Blood
  10. Gwamba ft Zeus, Stlofa, KrTC, Kaliwo, Brian, The Dogg – We Will
  11. Zeus – Say Nuthiin (feat. Black Dillinger) from African Time
  12. Uhuru featuring Wizkid – Duze
  13. Sonye – Tsika
  14. Toya Delazy – Forbidden Fruit from Ascension
  15. Young Fathers – Shame from White Men Are Black Men Too
  16. Carter Tutti Void – f = (2.2) from f (x)
  17. XXXY – Lately from Last Dance
  18. Mouse On Mars & Tortoise – Shoe Fly from 21 Again Collaborations (Part 1)
  19. Peaches – Light in Places from Rub