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tss170302I’ve put a pun in the title. So kill me.

So much marching, so much protesting to do, thank heck we’ve got music and dancing and love and stuff, heh?

Been feeling the full roller coaster of emotions over the last couple of weeks with heartbreak, an almost overwhelming display of love and stirrings of new adventures to come. I’ve also gone from despair to hope and back again. A million times.

And so to this month’s show – we’re just into March and we’ve got a crop of great records already. Could we be in for another bumper year for music? I haz my fingers crossed.

And here’s the standard Spotify playlist.


  1. French For Cartridge – Counting Games from The Golden Hour
  2. Rose Elinor Dougall – Hell And Back from Stellular
  3. Tornado Wallace – Warp Odyssey from Lonely Planet
  4. RM Hubbert – The Bird (Kathryn Joseph) from Recovery EP1
  5. Meilyr Jones – Passionate Friend from 2013
  6. The Divine Comedy – Our Mutual Friend from Absent Friends
  7. anarchistwoodAnswer to War from The Nasty Album
  8. The Jam – Beat Surrender from Beat Surrender
  9. Tinariwen – Nizzagh Ijbal from Elwan
  10. 3 Winans Brothers feat Karen Clark Sheard – I Choose You (Louie Vega Chosen dub) from
  11. Dinamite – Enterprise from Excelsior
  12. Prince – Controversy from Controversy
  13. Moon Duo – Cold Fear from Occult Architecture Vol. 1
  14. Pye Corner Audio – She Hunts at Night (Clesse remix) from Half-Light
  15. Belbury Poly and Moon Wiring Club – Moonling from Other Voices 09
  16. Earthen Sea – Apparent Lushness from An Act of Love
  17. Thomas William Hill – Cirrostratus from Cirrostratus
  18. Visible Cloaks – Place from Reassemblage
  19. Nicholas Britell – Chiron’s Theme Chopped & Screwed (Knock Down Stay Down) from Moonlight (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  20. The Necks – Overhear from Unfold