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the saucy svelte oneFor a few years I’ve had a little distribution network for my monthly radio show, but now it’s time to automate that little bugger so y’all can get it directly to your phone, internet radio, tablet, desktop computer etc etc etc.

If you’re new to all things svelte, my radio show is full of new tunes from across the musical spectrum, from folk to techno, Mozart to Muhly, pop to po-faced pretension. I also half-arsedly review shows to which I have been, records that I have liked, art that’s delighted or disappointed and sometimes a bit of politics.

To subscribe click here or put http://feeds.feedburner.com/thesvelteselection into your favourite podcatching application. If you’re on iTunes and those links aren’t working, try this one.

At first I’ll simply be podcasting my full Purple Radio show (2 hours every month), but I hope to move to an hour a fortnight to make it a bit more manageable. Each episode will come with a link to the blog and a fulltracklisting so you can go and get your mits on the glorious tunes and support the artists making the stuff you like.

For the time being I’ll have a maximum of three shows available, though the full archive will continue to be available via this here blog.

Please get in contact with any suggestions or to let me know about any problems, this is step into new territory pour moi.

Oh, and if you’ve got pointers to records or musicians you think I’d like, or want to send me your music directly, please please PLEASE do.

You’ll find a little contact box here or you can always pop over to Facebook or drop me at tweet @thesvelteone