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tss150402Well that was a bloody brilliant show. So much excellent new music and a couple of oldies.

For more information about the Lawrence and Move D gig at Corsica Studios, go here. It’s Smallville’s 10th birthday! I think I might have been at the 3rd birthday or something…

Also, if you happen to be in Berlin at the beginning of June, you can join me at Berghain for Phamakon if you like. Info and tickets here.

If you want to come hear me play some tunes, I’ll be at the Merchant’s Tavern on Sunday 19th April from 4 – 8pm playing the more mellow side of my collection. They have delicious food and booze and comfy seats.

Finally, you should all get your hands on the beautiful Surface Tension right now. You can download for free (though I recommend a donation to the project) or buy the CD and get a beautiful book of photographs featuring the River Lea. Purchase \ download here.

Right, if you want to get the show, you can download or stream from the Purple Radio site, listen to the Spotify tracklisting, or if you’d like to get my shows on a regular basis, subscribe to the podcast. Tracklisting for the show:

  1. Pharmakon – Vacuum from Bestial Burden
  2. Laura Cannell – Song of Repentance from Quick Sparrows Over the Black Earth
  3. Polar Bear – Of Hi Lands from Same as You
  4. Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat – Street Pastor Colloquy, 3AM from The Most Important Place In The World
  5. Errors – Dull Care from Lease Of Life
  6. Jib Kidder – Melt Me from Teaspoon To The Ocean
  7. Aphex Twin – thy’re here aahha from User48736353001
  8. Tudor Acid – Persephon 5 from Chronial
  9. Andrew Hung – Korea Town from Rave Cave 1
  10. Thom Yorke – The Mother Lode from Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes
  11. Lawrence – from The Absence Of Blight
  12. Squarepusher – squarepusher theme from Feed Me Weird Things
  13. Hot Chip – Huarache Lights from Why Make Sense?
  14. Pharmakon – Bang Bang (Bonus Track) from Bestial Burden
  15. Monty Python – Brian Song (Alternate Version) from Monty Python’s Life of Brian
  16. The Style Council – The Paris Match from Café Bleu
  17. David Last – Springset from The Push Pull
  18. Surface Tension – Surface Tension from Surface Tension