Me and my Morris (for a day)

Me and my Morris (for a day)

Another set of wonderful music for you, quite possibly my most accessible show ever. Lots of beautiful tunes and melodies and things to put you at ease.

And there’s a lovely splodge from The Necks at the end.

Download or stream by clicking over onto the new Purple Radio music warehouse here. It’s the new home of Purple Radio mixes, you’ll eventually find LOADS (there are a bunch there already). Which is nice.

  1. Kawakawa – Sleep In The Morning from Island Species
  2. Lucky Elephant – Mercy from The Rainy Kingdom
  3. Jonnie Common – shark from Trapped In Amber (free download from here)
  4. Amy Winehouse – Me & Mr. Jones from Back To Black
  5. Bruce Springsteen – Atlantic City from Nebraska
  6. Kristin Hersh – Velvet Days from Hips And Makers
  7. Damon Albarn – The Selfish Giant from Everyday Robots
  8. My Brightest Diamond – Shape from This Is My Hand
  9. Jenny Hval & Susanna – Running Down from Meshes of Voice
  10. Dajos Bela – Wenn Ich Die Blonde Inge from Klezmorim (Early Klezmer Recordings 1920 – 1960), Volume 5
  11. Mike Redway – Morris Minor
  12. The Juan Mclean – The Sun Will Never Set On Our Love from In A Dream
  13. Booka Shade – Love Inc from Eve
  14. Sylver Tongue – Faraway Sun from Something Big (EP)
  15. Aphex Twin – CIRCLONT14 [152.97][shrymoming mix] from Syro
  16. Sidney Sager – Theme from ‘Into The Labyrinth
  17. Eat Lights Become Lights – Time Enough from Into Forever
  18. Kemper Norton – Departing from To Mahina
  19. The Necks – Townsville (excerpt)

And here’s a link to Spiritland, the new club \ restaurant thing I talk about on the show:

And here’s the Morris Minor song. Prepare to be charmed: