picWelcome to my latest show – this one’s got everything from the usual weirdy electronica to loud guitar music to delicious ambient goodness to some stuff that’s actually been in the charts.

To have a listen, pop on over here to stream or download.

See y’all next month.


  1. Regurgitator – Astronaut Barbecue Party from Eduardo And Rodriguez Wage War On T-Wrecks
  2. Rodriguez – Sugar Man from Cold Fact
  3. Cymbals Eat Guitars – Laramie from Lose
  4. Can – One More Saturday Night (Live) from The Lost Tapes
  5. Race Horses – Marged Wedi Blino from Goodbye Falkenberg
  6. Jenny Hval & Susanna – O Sun O Medusa from Meshes of Voice
  7. Pet Shop Boys and Chrissie Hyde – Rent from BBC Proms 8
  8. Pet Shop Boys – The Memory and the Control from The Man from The Future
  9. Pet Shop Boys – The Trial from The Man from The Future
  10. Oneohtrix Point Never and Limpe Fuchs – Replica from Dog In The Fog – ‘Replica’ Collaborations & Remixes
  11. Rustie – Dream On from Green Language
  12. Keenya – Just Lights from While Everyone Sleeps EP
  13. Robyn – We Dance To The Beat
  14. Datassette – Vacuform from Cagney XOR Lacey EP
  15. Martyn – Forgiveness Step 2 from The Air Between Words
  16. Untold – Sing A Love Song from Black Light Spiral
  17. The Bug Featuring Gonjasufi – Save Me from Angels & Devils
  18. Eno – Hyde – Cells & Bells from High Life
  19. Mikkel Metal – Patience from Pop Ambient 2014
  20. Sunday Driver – Satyam Shivam Sundaram from The Mutiny
  21. Aretha Franklin – (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman