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svelteloveDearest listeners, welcome to 2013! Sorry for not being around in January, but I’m back, back, BACK with lots of new tunage and some old(er) love songs.

This month’s show was a surprise joy – the music came together nicely, I didn’t bugger anything up too badly and it just clicked.

To get in on the action, download the whole show from here, or Spotify it up here

Here’s what I played:

  1. Gwen McCrae – Early Morning Love from Let’s Straighten It Out
  2. Fiona Egan – Secret Love from Touch Has a Memory
  3. Lorde – Royals from The Love Club EP
  4. Pulp – After You from After You (single)
  5. Savages – Give Me A Gun (Live in Nottingham, Bodega) from I Am Here
  6. Sonic Youth – Candle from Daydream Nation (Remastered Original Album)
  7. Left Leg – Milk But Sinister from Left Leg Is Life!
  8. The Magnetic Fields – Love Is Like A Bottle Of Gin from 69 Love Songs, Vol. 3
  9. Sparrow and the Workshop – Shock Shock from Song, by Toad Records 2013 Sampler
  10. Grouper – Being Her Shadow from The Man Who Died in His Boat
  11. The New York Philharmonic – Anton Webern: Symphony, Op. 21: I. Calmly striding from Schumann & Webern: The Austro-German Line
  12. The New York Philharmonic – Anton Webern: Symphony, Op. 21: II. Variations from Schumann & Webern: The Austro-German Line
  13. Low – Soon from Secret Name
  14. The Divine Comedy – Songs Of Love from Casanova
  15. Sebastian Rochford & Brian Eno – Dream Nails (Tom Herbert Remix) from Days and Nights At the Takeaway 12: December
  16. Madonna – Justify My Love from The Immaculate Collection
  17. Mogwai – White Noise (EVP Mix by Cylob) from A Wrenched Virile Lore
  18. Kraftwerk – Tour De France (Live) from Minimum – Maximum
  19. The O.T. Quartet – Hold That Sucker Down (Radio Edit) from Hold That Sucker Down (Single)
  20. Factory Floor – Fall Back from Fall Back
  21. Plant Plants – Repeaters from Plant Plants EP2
  22. Autechre – tuinorizn from Exai
  23. Terry Callier – What Colour Is Love (Live) from Alive


Some of the stuff I talked about:

Pioneers of Electronic Music Festival curated by Nonclassical. 6 – 17 March, 2013

Marky de Sade’s Moist Cwtch mix: http://www.mixcloud.com/markydesade/moist-cwtch/