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And so to my April show. The usual rollercoaster ride, bumping from genre to genre, talking bollocks about stuff I liked and stuff that I didn’t. Random shoutouts and a (failed) attempt at doing a dinner round-up. At the bottom of this post there are links to some things I talked about and one big major thing I forgot to talk about. The Simple Things Festival in Bristol on the 6th May. Ooops.

As usual, you can have a Spotify link or download the whole thing. Take your choice.

1. The Magnetic Fields – Goin’ Back To The Country from Love At The Bottom Of The Sea
2. Belleruche – Stormbird from Stormbird
3. One Little Plane – Into the trees from Into The Trees PROMO
4. Mirroring – Silent From Above from Foreign Body
5. Jim White – The Way Of Alone from Where It Hits You
6. Julia Holter – Moni Mon Amie from Ekstasis
7. SOAP&SKIN – Voyage Voyage from Narrow
8. Bang On A Can All-Stars – David Lang: sunray from Big Beautiful Dark and Scary
9. Bill Ryder Jones – By The Church Of Appolonia (Leyland Kirby Mix) from 14 tracks: Consensual Hallucination
10. Simon Scott – Betty from Bunny
11. Blanck Mass – Icke’s Struggle from Blanck Mass
12. Low – Murderer from Hel-low
13. Retribution Gospel Choir – I’m a Man from the revolution EP (you can download it from here)
14. Martin Creed – Thinking Not Thinking from Marc Riley Session
15. Arab Strap – The First Big Weekend (Live 2011) from Live At Nice ‘N’ Sleazy 2011
16. Lotus Plaza – Out of Touch from Spooky Action at a Distance
17. Spoek Mathambo – Put Some Red On It from Father Creeper
18. Burial – Loner from Kindred
19. Riley – Kleek from Stem/Kleek (http://rileymusic.bandcamp.com/album/stem-kleek)
20. Jimmy Edgar – Switch Switch from HF033 – This One’s For The Children
21. Stakker – Eurotechno (Part 18 – 21) from Eurotechno
22. Bizzy B – Bad Boy Sound from Science EP Volumes III & IV
23. Rocketnumbernine – Shot One from You Reflect Me

Some things I talked about on my show

Nick Zammuto – Real Beauty Turns (from the Bang On A Can – Field Recordings gig)

Martin Creed @ The Lexington, 24 May 2012

A big thing I forgot to talk about on my show

The Simple Things Festival in Bristol on the 6th May!

Other gigs to which I’m going can be found over there => to the right =>