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Having discovered many new artists at their events in 2010 and 2011, I’m delighted to hear that The Local are back to present their ‘Celebration of Quiet Music’ once more in 2012. Shhhh! is where my love affairs with Sam Amidon and Nico Muhly started, where I was introduced to one of my favourite acts of last year, Conquering Animal Sound, and where I witnessed Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai doing an acoustic set that held the audience in rapt attention.

This year, rather than using the lovely Cecil Sharp House (home to the English Society for Folk Dance and Song, doncha know) all the way over in Camden, they’re holding the event in the just-around-the-corner-from-me Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green.

Acts on the bill include the brilliant Anna Meredith and Felix (who I enjoyed very much back in 2010) plus there will be films and stalls and cake.

Tickets are £10 +BF, and you can get them, as well as a bit more info, over here.