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I want to start this blog by saying that tonsillitis SUCKS. Tonsillitis really fucking sucks. It REALLY FUCKING SUCKS.

Look, even Charlie Brooker agrees with me. And he’s right about a lot of stuff.


Why is this important? Well, it explains a few things:

    a. Why this show is being uploaded over a week after the broadcast

    b. Why the show itself is almost 100% devoid of my talking

    c. Why I’m at home on a Friday night writing this blog rather than seeing the wonderful Adam Buxton at Kings Place

Some of the above may well be a blessing to y’all, but they’ve all pissed me off to a rather large extent.

To reiterate: tonsillitis SUCKS.

So, now we’re past that little rant and we’re coping (maybe), let me introduce to you the latest edition of the svelte selection. This month had to cover two major festivals (The Big Chill and Green Man) plus a range of new albums, gigs attended and gigs upcoming. Usually you’d get the details of each during the show, but due to the lack of mic action, I’m going to give a little commentary via the tracklisting instead.

You can download the show from here (sorry it’s so slow. I will get around to podcasting it eventually. I will). There’s a Spotify playlist here.

And, lo, here it is:

1. Evangelista – I lay there in front of me covered in ice from Prince of Truth

2. YACHT – Shangri-La from Shangri-la

    Got to see YACHT (briefy) at Secret Garden Party where they played lots of stuff from the new album. This is the title track. It’s fun. And interesting. A nice combo.

3. Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat – The Greatest Story Ever Told from Everything’s Getting Older


    I’m serious. Buy it now.

    Buy it.

    Here if you have emusic

    Buy it.

    Bought it? Good, we can carry on.

4. Stephin Merritt – The Song from Venus from Obscurities

    New release of curiosities from Stephin Merritt – unreleased material, demos, alternative versions and the like. Loads of good stuff for the fans (of which I am most definitely one). Actually, I did a whole radio show about Stephin Merritt once. If you fancy it, you can download it from here.

5. Oh Ruin! – Silver Lining from Silver Lining (single)

    The first track in my Green Man festival section comes from Oh Ruin!, who I first played back in February, after seeing him at Sh! A Celebration of Quiet Music. The band did a wonderful wee set by the Green Man Pub, accompanied on a couple of tracks by the vocalist from She Keeps Bees (see below).

6. James Vincent McMorrow – Sparrow and the Wolf from Sparrow and the Wolf (single)

    This artist was actually suggested to me by a member of the Green Man Forum, and although I didn’t manage to catch him at la festival, I did enjoy listening to the tunes.

7. She Keeps Bees – See Me from Dig On

    First caught at Green Man 2009 on the GM Pub stage, they were promoted to the Main Stage this year and gave an excellent show. This is from the brand new album.

8. Other Lives – For 12 from For 12 (single)

    One of the few bands that I discovered at this year’s Green Man (twas a bit lean musically for once). My tweet at the time labelled them lush orchestral bluesy heavy folk and that seems to fit.

9. Origamibiro – Ballerina Platform Shoes from Shakkei

    Hooray!!! A new Origamibiro album is out! And it’s beautiful! Of course it is. If you are new to them, I recommend going here and Getting Involved immediately.

10. Björk – Cosmogony (Matthew Herbert Remix 1) from The Crystalline Series Cosmogony Matthew Herbert Remixes (single)

    New set of remixes from the wundergal herself. I love her. She’s amazing. &c &c \&c

11. John Mouse – Sex with You from Humber Dogger Forties

    Awesome little track from the bloke that opened the Far Out stage at Green Man. When I played on Green Man Radio, I devoted this tune to the nice man who made me a cup of tea while I was waiting to get my wristband. Tea’s important.

12. Squarepusher – Theme from Sprite from Hello Everything

    Played a good set at Green Man, but I sorta miss the old more fucked up Squarepusher. I’m old. This tune went out to Steve who had his first Squarepusher experience at Green Man and absolutely bloody loved it.

13. Holy Fuck – Lucky from Latin

    Holy Fuck properly OWNED Green Man – one of my two main highlights. My friend Mach V was compering the stage at the time and said it was even more amazing close up.

14. Polar Bear – Peepers from Peepers

    The other major highlight from Green Man. I’ve seen them a couple of times before, but they were just phenomenal on that Far Out Stage. The crowd were absolutely wrapt and Mr Rochford was beaming.

15. Echaskech – Change the Station (ft Napoleon Complex) from Change the Station (single)

    New one from la boys d’Echaskech, featuring a rapper. Yes, really. You can download it for free from here.

16. Shit Robot – Triumph!!! from The Cradle to the Rave

    This was played for my lovely flatmate who defeated the hell that is National Rail bookings and got hold of those tickets she really needed. For you, Jessica.

    Also, being a Hot Chip-related project, it’s tenuously linked to the next tune…

17. The 2 Bears – Bear Hug from Bear Hug EP

    The 2 Bears curated the Friday night Far Out After Dark at Green Man this year and although I don’t think it was particularly successful, this is a GREAT tune.

18. The Chemical Brothers – Swoon from Further

    A nod to the Big Chill Festival – which was fine, but not very musically interesting (or busy). Kanye West was a fucking joke, but The Chems more than delivered.

    Should mention that the photo above was taken whilst I rocked the Big Chill Radio stage with mavis (and later Ruth) of the Dubwives. We had a phenomenally good time playing bass to the kiddies :)

19. Breton – RDI (Girl Unit Remix)

    Randomly picked this up off a mix I was sent the other day…


    Oh yes, here it is. It’s from a Fat Cat records podcast. TUNE as the kids say.

20. Gonzales – Knight Moves (Lone Remix) from Knight Moves (single)

21. Remember Remember – Lips from RR Scorpii

    The fabulous Remember Remember will be back in London on 22nd September playing some venue of which I had previously not heard: Servant Jazz Quarters. No presale that I can see, but there’s further info here.

22. Radiohead – Bloom (Blawan RMX) from TKOL RMX5

    From the truly immense remix series that has invited everyone from Fourtet to Harmonic 303 to bring their magic to tracks from The King Of Limbs. Currently available as a series of separate releases, they’ll be consolidated into one come October I’m told.

23. Ghostpoet – Survive It from The Big Chill Live Lounge

    Nice to see that others have picked up on the goodness that is Ghostpoet (I played him first! :) this track is taken from some live tunes recorded by Big Chill Radio. I was working at the time, but I got shy and didn’t say hello. Should at least have gotten him to record me an ident. I’m rubbish.

    Oh, and he didn’t win the Mercury. But that’s not hugely surprising. Hmmm, I really should get around to listening to that PJ Harvey album…

    Erm, tangent…

    So this tune is dedicated to Paul, Andy, Toby and Seb – the boys that run Big Chill and Green Man Radio. You can find out more about the marvellous organisation behind the goodness over here. Love you guys. A lot.

24. Alice & the Enemies – Touching Boys (In Supermarkets) from Alice & The Enemies

    New (well, recorded back in 2004 but just getting released) punkish joy from those good folks at Ambiguous Records. And it’s something I used to do quite frequently. Frustrated, much?

25. Pulp – Have You Seen Her Lately? from His ‘N’ Hers

    I saw Pulp at Brixton Academy last week. It was, quite simply, absolutely breathtaking. Not only did they replicate most of the festival set they’ve been touring, we got Lipgloss, Bad Cover Version, the marvellous Richard Hawley and this tune. It’s dedicated to Justin who dreamed Pulp play it, and they did.

26. Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat – Let’s Stop Here from Everything’s Getting Older

    You’ve all bought this now, yeah? Good. Just checking.