This if from one of those Facebook memes – and since my radio show has been delayed this month, this is a bit of a fill-in. We all like a bit of randomness, afterall.

I’ve knocked up an approximate spotify playlist to which you can listen while reading. I’ve had to use some artistic licence, but it’s mostly accurate.


‘Bout time I got around to this and I’ve got 30 minutes to kill…

Here’s what you do:

1. Turn on your MP3 player or the music player on your computer.

2. Go to SHUFFLE songs mode.

3. Write down the first 15 songs that come up–song title and artist–NO editing/cheating, please. (NB: I’ve added notes about each tune cos I’m like that)


1. David Last – Cat-Silver: I have played this at most of the DJ gigs I have done. Twas first introduced to me by the marvellous Mixmaster Morris and the whole album (The Push Pull) is absolutely awesome. I met David Last once, y’know. He was nice.

2. Gamages Model Train Club – No No. 13: A rehearsal version of a new tune from the GMTC types. Extra spooky cos they’re playing their first gig in AGES tonight (27th Nov)!

3. Bear in Heaven – Dust Cloud: I was surprised to find I liked this album given the hipster love for ’em. This is shoegazey and a bit bleak. So maybe not so surprising I like it really.

4. Oy – New Year: Amazing and strange Ghanaian chick on a Swiss label making angular jazzy indie stuff – like TuNe-YaRdS but different. You should get the album. It’s called First Box Then Walk. And if any of you promote gigs, you should get her over here.

5. Low – Canada: Keeps coming up this week – second time it’s come up on shuffle plus they played it in Cambridge last week. I FUCKING LOVE LOW. I have tagged my favourite ex-pat Canadians for this.

6. Radiohead – Faust Arp: “It’s what you feel now \ What you ought to, what you ought to \ Reasonable and sensible”. Story of my fucking life.

7. David Last – Vestigial Limbs: I have about 100 albums on my ipod and it chooses two from the same album? Well, this is a weirder spookier track from The Push Pull. Have I mentioned that you should buy it? It’s fucking great.

8. Gonzales – Let’s Ride: the stompin’ mid-tempo disco track from the last Gonzales album. I wonder how shuffle knows that I went and saw him earlier this week? He was AMAZING as usual, eh Gidon? I am currently having a groove in my chair.


9. Glasser – T: ooo, as played on my last radio show, an excellent track from an artist that I’ve described as a cross between Tunng and School of Seven Bells (when they were both good :)

10. Dirty Projectors – Stillness is the Move: a track from my favourite album of 2009 – and going to see them on the 7th Dec at Koko. Marvellous. And the video’s pretty:


11. Vex’d – Disposition (Ft. Jest): some moody grimey dubstep from one of my favourite labels, Planet Mu. Hmmmm, might put this on my Winter Tales collection…

12. HEALTH – Before Tigers: The frankly properly life-changing HEALTH. You must Get Color and play it loud, okay? Like, now? James V and Ian: this is obviously for you two.

13. Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid – People Be Happy: yeah go on. You know you want to. The two of them at the Big Chill back in 2007 was one of the most amazing performances I have ever seen. Hope you’re playin’ havoc up there, Mr Reid, and have access to the FINEST weed.


14. Low – Silver Rider: another double, but I’m no cheater. And they played this one in Cambridge and all. “Sometimes your voice is not enough”. Ain’t it the truth. Oh Low.

15. Ty – Phantom Of The Opera Featuring Anthony Mills: weird, this came up earlier in the week. I took it as a very bad sign at the time, given that Andrew Lloyd-Webber is the one product I hate above all others, but maybe it’s a good thing – listens to lyrics more closely this time-