Well hurrah, new Tindersticks album on the way (Falling Down a Mountain – due February 16th) and thus a wee London gig is in the offing. Excellent.

Do you know that, for the longest time, I thought that Tindersticks were a dull mid-90s post-Britpop indie band in the Embrace \ Ocean Colour Scene \ Kula Shaker vein? Oh how wrong I was and how enjoyable were the hours spent over the next couple of months discovering their large back catalogue. I blame not moving to the UK till 1997…

In case you’ve no idea what they sound like, a friend of mine, exclaiming surprise that I had only just discovered the band, put it thus:

A shoe-in for you, tso. Channelling the pathos of Nick Cave, the drama of Divine Comedy and outsider-looking-in melody of Pulp.

Warm keys, classy brass, poignant strings, striking lyrical passages and the distinctive voice of Stuart Staples up front – Tindersticks make a wonderful package. The first album I listened to was Can Our Love… and the opening track reflected exactly how I was feeling about life – and it still gets me.

The new single, Black Smoke is streaming from the 4AD site:

I’ve had the honour of seeing them live a couple of times: at Glastonbury 09, at the Serpentine Sessions in Hyde Park and most memorably in a little church in Brighton on a sunny Saturday in Sept 08 – one of those almost perfect days. The photo above is one I took, the ones to which I have linked are those of a professional…

I’m quite excited about the upcoming Tindersticks\Tunng double in March. I wonder if I could get Tortoise to come back to London that week for the ultimate T-based musical threesome…

Aaaaanyway you can get more info about la gig and tickets here

Oh, and here’s a little promo video for the new album: