Jon Hopkins and London Sinfonietta in Kings Place on one night? Yes please.

Electro-acoustic artist Jon Hopkins performs a special live set and London Sinfonietta perform some of their Sinfonietta Shorts. Blank Canvas curator Will Dutta and composer Max de Wardener premiere their new work for piano and live-electronics.

Tis on 11th January and is a bargain at £9.50. Get your tickets here.

And Mr Hopkins has a new bit o’ music out and all – Seven Gulps of Air

1. Jon Hopkins feat. Tunng – Seven Gulps Of Air (3:38)
2. Jon Hopkins – Small Memory (Tunng Remix) (4:59)
3. Jon Hopkins – The Low Places (Geese Remix) (7:01)
4. Jon Hopkins – A Drifting Down (6:59)
5. Jon Hopkins – Light Through The Veins (Tom Middleton Remix) (9:09)

Nicely varied selection and all, from the juddering straight-up electro weirdness of the title track, to the Tunng remix of Small Memory (one of my faves from Insides) which turns it from a short sweet study of piano beauty to a five-minute melange of bizarre sounds, that delicious Tunng percussion and sudden stabs of colour. I actually laughed out loud as I walked down Charing Cross Rd first time I heard it. Geese has remixed another of the quieter tracks on ‘Insides’, The Low Places, upping the pizzicato strings and taking the whole thing lo-fi.

‘A Drifting Down’ is a companion piece to the Eno-esque ‘Drifting Up’ from ‘Insides’, beautiful spacey timbres to help you relax to some eyelid cinema. Only down point of the release is the Tom ‘I’m a Jedi’ Middleton mix of ‘Inside’s big hit ‘Light Through The Veins’. Not being a major fan of the track in the first place (alone in the world in this, it would seem), Middleton’s cheesy mix of it makes it even less of an appetising proposition.