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The marvellous Jim White teamed up once again with Tucker Martine (who co-produced Drill A Hole In That Substrate And Tell Me What You See*) and the vocalist Linda Delgado last year to record a bunch of tunes under the name Mama Lucky.

I first heard about the resulting album (Permanent Stranger) when I saw Jim White at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne back in March**. Before performing ‘Palm Of My Hand’ Jim White told us about the album, apparently full of songs that were too weird even for his usual people, the David Byrne label Luaka Bop. Intrigued I was.

Anyway, here’s a taster with a video by Howard Better, apparently a old cab-driving buddy of Mr White.



* one of my top ten favourite albums of all time
** Oh how happy I was that he was touring whilst I was out there. I’ve probably seen him six times in the last two years and still look forward to every outing :D