Every Thursday night at 10pm a Purple Radio listener is given the opportunity to entertain, educate (and sometimes baffle!) with an hour long mix from the farthest corners of their music collection. Hidden album tracks, great cover versions, forgotten B sides, soundtrack snippets, obscure remixes and ‘before they were famous’ tracks are very much the order of the day.

And twas my turn this week. I have uploaded the show here and due to the appearance of a cock on the telly, only one track was identified. I don’t think they’re that obscure…

Give it a listen and add your answers to the comments section down below. I’ll update the post when tracks are identified here or over on the Purple Radio forum.

00:40 Ida Maria – I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked (2 points to Ketsbaia)
03:49 Style Council – ? (1 point to guey)
06:44 Tortoise – Salt The Skies (2 points to guey)
15:18 Jaga Jazzist – Suomi Finland (2 points to stigebil)
22:01 The Bugle – Terrorism Development News (2 points to skirtboy)
30:35 Tracey Thorn – Kings Cross (Hot Chip mix) (1 and a bit points to Sam, 1 point to Al)
37:27 The Bugle – Terrorism Development News
39:25 Richard Wigglesworth – ? (Luke Vibert Remix) (1 and a bit points to guey)
44:40 Plaid – Bodyclocker (1 point to stigebil, 1 point to mr dobson)
49:09 Kerrier District – ? (remix?) (1 point to guey)

I’ve just realised I accidentally played the same track twice – but you only get the points once, and it’s okay cos it’s funny.

Hints for the last day:

03:49 Style Council – ? From one of my 15 big albums of all time
11:29 Tis on Smalltown Supersound label. Artist name suggests having a fight.
24:47, 27:14 Both on a recent Ghostly compilation
39:25 Remixed by bloke behind 49:09
49:09 Loves acid
56:41 Music by a London label manager and promoter