The ChapPrompted by a track on Ghostly International’s free giveaway Ghostly Swim I delved in The Chap’s back catalogue courtesy of Spotify today. I’m going backwards and it’s an interesting listen.

I’ve deliberately not searched out any information about them, but the London influence sounds pretty strong (there’s a track called Clissold Park). After I’ve finished today’s exploration, I’m going to do a little research for my radio show on Wednesday.

Starting a couple of hours ago with Builders Brew, a mini-album out last October on the excellent Lo Recordings, I vacillated between ‘what a bunch of Hoxtonite wankers’ to ‘hmm, there’s definitely something good going on here’. Overly arch delivery, which I took to be a bit too on the Shoreditch ironic side, but very interesting if minimal musical ideas.

Moved onto Mega Breakfast which has an almost Krautrock\Kraftwerk sound for much of it – liking more.

Now I’m onto Ham (2005) which I liked very much, now all the way back to The Horse from 2003, which reminds me of Stereolab. It’s mostly quite poppy, but with weird dark noises and strange interludes.

Sometimes I wish people would just stop making music so I can explore all the good shit that’s already out. How many more bands am I yet to discover?